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Prima Real Estate
Turkin Kiinteistövälitys
Meillä voit tutustua kaikkiin rakenteilla oleviin ja jo valmistuneisiin uudisrakennuskohteisiin Turkin Rivieralla. Kiinteistövälityspalvelumme etsii sinulle halutessasi juuri oikeanlaisen ja hintaisen asunnon tai loma-kodin. Laajasta valikoimastamme löydät varmasti mitä etsit – edullisesta kerrostalohuoneistosta upeaan huvilaan . Palvelemme sinua suomenkielellä ja hoidamme puolestasi kaikki asuntokauppaan liittyvät muodollisuudet.
Era Antalta kanssa toimivat myös lakiasiaintoimisto, pankki ja vakuutusyhtiö, joiden kautta kaikki Turkissa tarvitsemat palvelut hoituvat helposti ja edullisesti.
Palveluihimme kuuluvat mm. kiinteistönhoito, remontointi, piharakennus, valaistus, kalusteet sekä kodinkoneet.
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About Our Company

Our customers are the center of our business life. We know the success, we continue our status as a union of a family all be under one big roof with our customer. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

At the beginning of the your journey, we are helping you with all details. We provide services;
Travel Service; ticket purchases, airport transfer
Sale and Rent
Rent Short-Term Houses
Business Companionships
Hotel and Buildings sale and rent process

And we are building your dream house together, at the begin of the finding true land to build your dream house with our professional architecture team and partner Prefabrik Alanya team. We are here to build your dream house and dream life in Alanya.

Trust comes only through satisfaction. As representatives of the real estate industry, the importance of a real estate transaction are aware of. Therefore, it is our ultimate goal, to be your reliable partner in the exciting, sometimes difficult and happy at the end of the way into your new home.

A permanent and healthy expansion of our services and last but not least our Hanseatic ties have made ​​us a reputable and reliable partner in the Alanya property market.

The personal support of our customers from the first contact through to purchase a property is natural for us.

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Being one of the best real estate and living space developer companies in Turkey and top 1 in the region.

In line with our high-quality policy that was established through our vision, and core values, we also believe in the enormous importance of customer satisfaction created by our products and services.

The prior objective of BMD Real Estate as a commercial entity and for each company member, is to serve at the highest service standards and to provide unlimited Client satisfaction.

Excellency is not a choice but a must of our business and our main goal is to reach this objective.

Your feedback and ideas are always very important for us!